Procedure of accreditation

    1. In order to pass accreditation, the educational institution of TVET presents the following documents to the accreditation body:
  • a statement in the form established by the accreditation body;
  • copies of the state license and appendices to the license to conduct educational activities;
  • a brief description of the activities of the educational institution of TVET.
    1. The consideration by the accreditation body of the application and the documents sent and the decision to initiate the procedure of specialized accreditation provides for the conclusion of a contract between the accreditation body and the TVET organization. Terms, conditions and procedures for accreditation are determined by agreement between the accreditation body and the TVET organization and approved by the accreditation council.
    2. After signing by the parties of the agreement, the accreditation body sends its representative to the educational institution of the TVET to explain the criteria and procedure for specialized accreditation and conduct training for personnel of the TVET educational institution of the theory, methodology and technology of self-assessment of the EP.
    3. The accreditation body provides the Applicant with the Manual on the self-assessment of the educational program in accordance with the approved accreditation standards established by the accreditation body. The applicant conducts a self-assessment and sends a report to the accreditation body. The self-assessment report is sent (in Kazakh, Russian and English languages) to the accreditation body in electronic form (doc and pdf format) and in 7 copies on paper in each language.
    4. The self-assessment report is submitted to the accreditation body not later than 45 days prior to the examination of the EP.
    5. The accreditation body has the right to return the report of the self-assessment organizations of the TVET for further development, to refuse to organize and conduct the examination, in case of non-compliance of the report data with the accreditation standards. If a decision is made on the need to finalize the self-assessment report, the educational institution of the TVET must, within 15 working days from the date of notification, submit to the accreditation body a revised self-assessment report.
    6. Expertise of the level and quality of the implementation of the educational program for compliance with accreditation standards is carried out by an expert commission with a visit to the TVET organization and preparation of a conclusion on external expertise.
    7. The conclusion of the expert commission is sent to the educational institution of the TVET not later than three weeks after its completion. Within two weeks of receipt of the report, the institution may send its comments on the report (but only in the case of technical or factual inaccuracies).
    8. In order to carry out an external examination of the EP, the accreditation body forms an expert commission of experts having academic recognition (academic degree and academic title) and experience in the organizations of TVET for at least 7 years who have received special training and certification.
    9. The expert commission consists of 5-7 experts, who are qualified experts in the evaluation of the EP, incl. Foreign specialists, as well as representatives of the employers’ association on the profile of training specialists and representatives of student youth. If several programs are accredited in the educational organization, depending on the areas of training / specialties, expert commissions can be established for each educational program or commission / commission for evaluating several programs of the same profile.
    10. The membership of the commission is consistent with the educational institution of the TVET. The educational institution has the right to reject the proposed nominations of experts (but not more than 2).
    11. The main principles of the expert’s work are honesty, responsibility, conscientiousness, objectivity, confidentiality in working with the submitted documents.
    12. Each expert signs an agreement on participation in the examination and on the lack of civil and legal and labor relations with the educational organization where the examination is carried out.
    13. The expert bears personal responsibility for the objectivity and reliability of assessments, conclusions, timeliness of the examination and presentation of materials to the conclusion on external expertise.
    14. The expert has the right to request and receive the necessary additional materials, documents, information related to the accreditation of the educational program, to express and justify his opinion on the evaluation of the educational program, to participate in the discussion of the opinion on external expertise in the accreditation process.
    15. The work of the expert commission is organized by the chairman of the commission. The chairman of the expert commission will agree on the terms and the examination program. The legal commission with accreditation organizations and the TVET organization is responsible for the implementation of the examination programs and preparation of the conclusion on external expertise.
    16. The expert commission works in the organization of TVET within 3-4 days. On the basis of a comprehensive analysis of the results of self-assessment presented by the educational institution of the TVET materials, the peer review is preparing a draft opinion based on the results of the EP examination.
    17. The conclusion on external expertise is signed by the chairman and members of the expert commission and submitted to the accreditation body and the TVET organization.
    18. Based on the conclusion of the expert commission, the accreditation body analyzes the information provided and prepares materials for the decision to accredit the EP.
    19. The decision on the accreditation of the EP is taken by the collegial body – the accreditation council and formalized by the protocol.
    20. Based on the positive decision on accreditation, the education organization receives a certificate of accreditation for a period of 3 years. The decision to accredit the EP is sent to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for inclusion in the National Register and posted on the website of the accreditation body.
    21. The organization of the TVET has the right to appeal against the accreditation procedure to the accreditation council.

    Terms of accreditation:

    1 year – subject to the criteria in general, but in the presence of individual shortcomings and opportunities for improvement;

    3 years – with positive results of initial accreditation or accreditation after accreditation for a period of one year;

    5 years – with positive results, in case of the first extension of the valid initial three-year accreditation;

    7 years – with the successful extension of the five-year accreditation.